Why I’m going to buy the iPad…

I was dreaming some nights ago:

My dream was about, how „content“ or „shared items“ goes around the web in waves, tweets or buzzes or in whatever it takes to get found, or in what the creator had once decided to set it’s baby free…

Outside there was a huge demand for or to take over control of this process… like Apple is doing right now with the controlled App Stores in the iPod, iPhone and will do with the new iPad too.

But there is a even bigger chance – that we invent, reinvent and evolve or even revolutionize the way we share, what we are able to create in our short livetimes!

The risk, that the created content that got published in the web don’t pay back it’s creation costs (and keep us warm and well-fed!), is and will be always stay with the creator itself. And yes, ok, its depended on some written and unwritten rules or laws of the society we where born into, and how long we keep some earlier developed systems untouched or alive…

But not and never is the risk with owners of the distribution channels or the (content-) consumer itself, because they are just in charge for the pay back of their very own creations!

Woke up, deeply touched…

And decided today that I will buy a new iPad at my NYC trip in april later this year, because simplicity and speed just win every race! Even If I do not like the aspect, that Apple control’s the whole supply chain… Apple does not control me and will never do!

PS: parts of this post I did publish here and here earlier already.

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